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Delayed Shutdown

This program will allow you to fall asleep while your computer is playing your favorite music
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7 December 2009

Editor's review

Delayed Shutdown is a simple and useful program that serves its purpose and proves its worth.
The interface and features are straightforward and there are no complications involved in the program. It serves the simple purpose of shutting down your computer after a specified period of time. You might want to delay your computer’s shutdown for various reasons. You might want to sleep off while listening to music or your TV tuner is on, playing your favorite show. You are lazy to shut it down and therefore this program does it for you. It is easy to use; simply specify the time interval for shutdown and the clock starts ticking. The program can be minimized when not in use or closed. It does not complicate by adding unnecessary features. It is simply for setting a timer for your computer’s delayed shutdown.
You do not need to waste power or your energy; just use this automatic shutdown program.

Publisher's description

Do you want your computer to be turned off automatically?
This program will allow you to fall asleep when you are just listening to your favorite music or viewing evening television shows on your computer.
Enable the sleep timer for it.
Specify in what time your computer should turn off and just fall asleep while an evening show, your favorite movie or music is playing.
Why this program?
That is no secret that there is a lot of similar software. But their authors made them too complicated in their effort to add unnecessary features and settings. For instance, would you like either to turn your computer off or restart it? Or maybe you want to turn it off when the usage of the processor will be less than 10%? It is all good for some average people and if you need to turn off your computer before you go asleep, this is the program for you.
Delayed Shutdown
Delayed Shutdown
Version 2.05
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User comments

A very good alternative is shutdown.exe that ships with Windows (TM), and does not cost money. Just type shutdown -s -t and the time in milliseconds in any command prompt. And shutdown -a to abort. There I just saved you 10 bucks.
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